Dusk Falls at the Pacific Grove Art Center from 01/11 - 02/22, 2019.
Combining Domini Anne’s fashion design with Hanif Wondir’s digital art, music and  sound from both Wondir and Mark Governor, the installation was inspired as a reaction to the current emotional atmosphere in the USA.
Responding to this era of of intense climate change, charged conversations around sexual rights, societal re-examining of long held beliefs and the overwhelm of the information age, the artistic trio has created a multi sensory experience where viewers roam through “Stations of Contemplation”. With backdrops of Wondir’s multilayered digital art and rivers of fabric, dress forms wearing Domini Anne’s “Dusk” collection meet the spectators as they explore these environments, while music composed by Mark Governor and
Hanif Wondir combine with sound design to bathe the room room in sensuous tones.
Along with the month and a half installation, two live fashion shows are scheduled on 01/11 and 02/01 which include guest performers and a separate score, and multiple “mini events” are planned with smaller, solo performances.
he effort is to create a sumptuous“ reflection of the times” that allows the viewers the space they need to accept the new realities in which we live, and continue to find grounding and beauty in their current environments. Difficult as though it may seem to accept many aspects of the times we live in, change can only happen after one accepts a situation, and this is exactly what Dusk strives to do.
Moving beyond words, which so often can create polarities, Dusk utilizes every artistic medium available to create a symphony of feelings that they hope will create a platform for empathy, healing and conversation on all levels.